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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Japan Life has a new series of magnetic products with newer technologies and pricing. The Japan Life products and prices described in this web site are for their old series of products which is no longer available. The reason for keeping these old product information here is for historical and product support purposes only.

Ancient Oriental Wisdom Reborn with Modern Technologies

You can benefit from a marriage between ancient oriental art and state-of-the-art hi-tech innovations

Japan Life Products:

  1. Mag-Power
  2. Mag-Warmer
  3. Mag-Wrist
  4. Mag-Pin
  5. Active-Set
  6. Seat-Cushion
  7. Pillow-Pad
  8. Travel-Kit(2 pieces Sleeping System)

These are part of the the family products designed and engineered by Japan Life of Japn, a multi-national business with over 20 years experience in research and development in sleep technology aimed at producing products that will improve human life, health and happiness.

To see an excellent medical report on "Miracle of Magnetics", click here.
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AirSource Enterprise (an authorized Japan Life Distributor)


Available in black, blue, pink, beige, or white.
Waist sizes (in inches):

	Small		22-28"
	Medium		28-35"
	Large		35-41"
	X-Large		41-45"

Price: $280.00


Price: $70.00


Price: $35.00


Because the muscles of the upper and lower back serve as integral parts of the body's support system, they become easily fatigued. The Japan Life Seat Cushion, for use in the home, office, or car and other types of seats, is ergonomically engineered to smothe and refresh these muscles, enabling the user to work, study, drive, read, or simply sit in greater comfort.

The cushion features 88 soft massage nodes that give stimulating yet gentle surface massage, plus 10 strategically place hard massage nodes for a deeper shiatsu-type muscle massage.

The textured surface of the cushion further stimulates the surface of the body.

Available in blue, red, gray, or brown.

Price: $180.00

Active Set

Life moves fast. If you want to stay ahead, you have to move faster. The Active-set from Japan Life Corporation is designed for people on the go. This 7-pieceset of innovative products is the perfect complement to Japan Life's Sleeping System. It allows you to extend the benefits of Japan Life's technology into the waking hours. Now,you can enjoy Japan Life all day- not just at night.

The set package includes: 1 Mag-Power 2 Mag-Warmers 1 Mag-Pin 3 Mag-Wrists

Price: $466.00


The Mag-Pin foot supporter massager delivers comfort at the ground level. Easy to use and comfortable to wear, it provides excellent arch support as well as a gentle 8 massage nodules when walking or standing. Placement of the Mag-Pin can be varied to massage and relived tension anywhere on the foot.

This innovative product, mad of durable, easy-to-clean vinyl,is designed to provide relaxing relief from tension, and to circulate air freely to keep feet dry and comfortable.

Price: $50.00


This versatile pad can be used in a number of ways. It may be used as a pillow cover, laid across the user's lap, or draped from neck to shoulder for soothing comfort.

Embedded within the pad are 51 massage nodules.

The pad's dimension are 14"*22". Available in blue or pink.

Price: $80.00

Travel Kit

Here is the perfect traveling companion, as well as a handy supplement to a home Sleeping System.Japan Life's Travel Kit consists of a special sleep pad and pillow pad that will make you feel at home even when you,re not. Compact styling allows it to be taken anywhere-in airplanes,hotel room, cars,...even camping.

The travel kit incorporates many of the innovations found in the Japan Life SleepPad and Pillow.

The textured surface provides a gentle yet stimulating surface massage, While embedded massage nodules promote sound, healthy sleep. The sleep pad have 160 massage nodules, Pillow Pad have 51 massage nodules. The sleep pad measures 26"*43"; the pillow pad, 14"*22".

Available in blue and pink.

Price: $400.00

About The Japan Life

In 1975 a distiguished Japanese entrepreneur, Takayoshi Yamaguchi, established and funded the Life Science Foundation. Its mission: to develop innovative new products to enchance human well-being. Mr. Yamaguchi specifically challenged the foundation's science and medical staff to create products that would enable people to sleep better and awake more refreshed. This, he knew, was a much neglected area of research in the field of wellness.

His patience and financial commitment paid off half a decade later. In 1980, Japan Life unveiled the first products of an expanding line of sleep technolog-products that blended the best of the Eastern and the Western worlds. Millennia-old practices of the Orient, sch as shiatsr, were ingeniously woven into the high tech design of Japan Life Sleep Pads and other emerging products, giving ancient wisdom new life in today's fastpaced, high-stress environment.

In 1983, the government of Japan recognized the Foundation's importnce in the field of life sciences and bestowed upon it the honor of offcial recognition. Since then, the govermment of Japan has made annual contributions to its funding.

Manufacturing: A Question of Quality

Uncompromising quality is standard in the manufacture of Japan Life product. Quality begins, of course, with the people. Those who work in our manufacuring process at every level are trained to "Work for Better Health"-as our motto states. But their achievement in consistently producing products of the finst quality cannot be attributed to mere training.

It is their attitude that makes the difference. Simply stated, our prorict are exceptional because our people wouldn't have it any other way. That means going the extra mile to make each item right in the first place, and then subjecting it to strict post-production inspections. Every quilt, for example, is inspected 20 different times. Double and triple checks are carried out on every process in the manufacturing cycle-from the choice of down quailty and mixing proportions to the size of the needle holes and matching of quilt patterms. Final quality contral checks are carried out at the large Distribution Headquarters.

Only products that pass these serve quality control tests earn the right to carry the Japan Life name. Our people's insistence on producing quality work is supported by our use of the finest Mother Nature can provide.

When all these elements are brought together in an intergrated system that encompasses everything from reserch to final packaging for shipment, exceptional quality becomes standard operating procedure. That is Japan Life's secret to success.

Who Created Japan Life?

Mankind has a desire to have its basic needs (food, shelter, clothing) met. Once these needs are met, it begins to think of its other needs. An important " other need" is good health.

As our bodies age, we experience an assorment of minor aches, pains, and discomfort that we try to relieve. We exercise, take vitamins and drugs, and see doctor, therpists, and chiropractors on an ever-increasing basis. In many instances, 100 percent of the discomfort cannot be relieved, so we learn to live with the pain and fatigue. It becomes a normal part of our existence.

Many times, these small problems, while insignificant in and of themselves, accumulate and cause stress on the body. The first time that we realize something is truly wrong is when we get sick or end up in the hospital.

Mr. Yamaguchi began to wonder why this is so. In an effort to get an answer, he began to do research with people in the medical profession. This led to the theory that, in many instances, the lack of proper rest allowing the body to full recuperate from the fatigue and stress of each day was a contributing factor.

Mr.Yamaguchi asked whether the bed that people slept in could make a difference in the recuperative process. He reasoned that if people slept well, the body would be best able to adjust and balance itself. Mr. Yamaguchi set out to create such a product. The result of that research and development was the creation of the Japan Life Sleeping System.